Terms and Conditions

By using our website, which may include advertising services or account registration, you acknowledge that you have read through the following Terms & Conditions and agree to them in full, with no exceptions. You agree that you are bound to these provisions set out in this agreement, and accept that revisions may be made at any time.



Our aim here at Sexy Independent Escorts, is to provide a top class advertising service for discerning clients. Those listed are required to submit genuine photos, for which they have copyright for. All escorts and advertisers MUST be 18 or over, with every endeavour being taken to make sure that is the case. We are NOT an escorts agency and do NOT arrange bookings. Our site is purely a directory, which lists profiles of Independent Escorts who are responsible for their own affairs. Anything that may occur between parties is a matter for consenting adults. Sexy Independent Escorts holds no responsibility or liability.

Users of this Website

Intellectual Property Rights

In using this website, you accept that any content, which includes, but is not limited to, images, text banners and website design, is protected by copyright. You may not copy and redistribute any material found on this website without permission from the website owner.

Limitation of Liability

(1) This website can in no circumstances whatsoever, accept any liability that may result in any loss that may be incurred by the user as a result of using this service.

(2) You agree that this website is not responsible for any negligence or any damages that may be caused to the user by improper use of this service.

(3) You agree that this website cannot be held responsible for what may occur as a result of any contact that may take place between you and the advertiser, whether that is by telephone, email or in person.

(4) You accept that this website provides no guarantee of the accuracy of the information uploaded by the advertiser.

(5) Understand that this website does not make any recommendations of any advertisers, and by listing their details does not endorse their services.


Service Provided

On receipt of your submission and relevant payment, we undertake to provide to you the service of advertising for a set period of time. Every effort is made to activate your listing within 24 hours of cleared payment. This being on the basis that we are made fully aware of your payment. Always email us once payment has been made. On rare occasions, it may take over 24 hours to activate your listing. This may be the result of technical issues, time of your submission, unclear instructions, or due to the breaking of our Terms & Conditions by you.

Your Agreement With Us

You agree to submit truthful and accurate information, of which you have full copyright ownership for. You understand that by accepting our Terms & Conditions, you are completely responsible and liable for any violations of copyright infringement. You accept that any payments made by you are legitimate, and that any attempt to cheat Sexy Independent Escorts will result in legal action. You agree not to attempt any chargebacks, and give up your right to do so once payment has been made.


You agree that any images uploaded to the Sexy Independent Escorts server are owned by you. It is a violation of copyright laws to upload images for which you do not have rights to use. You, the submitter, bare all responsibility for images uploaded to our server, and any legal costs which may arise from action brought by the rightful owner of the images. You exonerate Sexy Independent Escorts from any responsibility and liability related to copyright theft by you.

Any text submitted to the Sexy Independent Escorts server by you, must be free of copyright infringement. You agree not to copy text from fellow advertisers, or break copyright laws by copying text from other websites.

Descriptions added to your profile MUST be unique, and must not be seen on any other site. Failure to add unique text, will result in profiles being removed from the site. Should descriptions be altered at a later date, they must remain unique. We reserve the right to alter any text added to profiles. We retain the copyright of any text we add. Copying this text to other websites is against our copyright, and you will be asked to remove it.


All efforts are made to make sure that our server is available at all times. On rare occasions, technical problems may develop, something which is beyond our control. Due to this outside factor, we are unable to provide any monetary compensation. Should a continuous outage of more than 48 hours occur, then advertisers may request a timed extension to their listing. You accept that downtime is outside our control, and that Sexy Independent Escorts bare no responsibility or liability.

Termination & Suspension

You accept that Sexy Independent Escorts may terminate or suspend your advertising at any point, should we find:

(1) That you are under the age of 18, or the respective age in the country of listing.

(2) That you have uploaded and displayed images for which you do not own the copyright for.

(3) That you have uploaded and displayed images which are not accurate and of the actual person offering services.

(4) That you have submitted text which is not unique to you. Copying text from other advertisers is not acceptable.


Refunds are NOT provided once payment has been made, and NO refunds are made when advertising is curtailed by you. In the rare event that Sexy Independent Escorts is responsible for any mistakes, a refund or credit will be offered. For more information, view our refunds page.


The information collected from you at the time of submission, is stored in part on our database and is used purely to display your listing. There are no circumstances under which, this information would be passed to a third party.


Should you have any questions or concerns about our website or our Terms, then please feel free to contact us by Clicking Here.