Raven Escorts Section

Gallery Featuring Independents with Black Hair A newly added page taking into account the previously limited coverage of different hair types. Our new menu now has the space to include more than just Brunettes for those who are dark haired. For too long, many ladies have specified that they are black, but their listing has now been shown from the most relevant gallery possible. Take some time to flick through all the profiles. More will be added, now that a dedicated section is available.

Raven Haired Beauties in Other UK Cities

A brand new gallery, as of 2014, a much needed and requested page displaying ladies who are considered to be dark haired. A rising number of companions fit into the category, so the time had come to create this area. Some of these profiles will likely remain on the previous gallery in which they were listed on. Over time, that will be phased out. We hope that these pages become busier as the year goes by.

As with other parts of the site, raven escorts in London appear towards the top, as this is the city with the highest number of listings. For cities in England, and other regions of the UK, simply scroll down and view them in one area in the lower half of the page.

There has always been a fascination with ravens throughout time, mainly when relating to women. It's seen as the hair colour for those who are more exotic. In reality, it's not just those from warmer climes who have black hair. This colour is very common amongst the Slavic girls, or women, of Eastern Europe. This can be accompanied by light skin and light eyes, blue or green. But, the majority tend to be of Latin and Asian origin.

The majority of those pertaining to this page are of Argentinian, Brazilian and Venezuelan extraction. Of those from Europe, there are Spanish and also some English escorts.

The Raven escorts shown from this newly formed section, are advertising their own personal details. It is suggested that both providers and those seeking services, should read our disclaimer.