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Gallery of Norwegian Females - When including this page, we never anticipated a large response from locals girls. But, it is important to have a section related to at least one country in Scandinavia. Another will surely follow at some point, but for now we have a page that is useful, at least for those independent companions who like to tour. The most obvious city for touring is Oslo, which will be discussed at length underneath. Smaller places will be mentioned, but these will be of more use to those from Norway.


Norwegian Escorts

Norway is a fascinating and stunning country in Scandinavia, North West Europe. The climate and hours of daylight are both very important things to mention, at least for those who wish to advertise a tour. The short days and low temperatures in winter are likely to keep the international ladies away, but that is not a problem at all for those who reside here permanently. Of course, they are probably the reason why you have visited this page.

There are many naturally beautiful women here, and sadly they are often overlooked by the idealism of meeting Swedish blondes from the great neighbouring country to the East. For those who have life experience, it is known that many of the most attractive people in Northern Europe are in fact here in Norway. Many have fair hair and blue or green eyes and flawless skin. They also have a kind and friendly nature.

For those who are unaware, the local currency is the Krone, and they are not in the E.U.

Independent Oslo Escorts

It would be folly to start without the most obvious place to visit, the capital city of course. It has by far the highest population and is where you are most likely to be able to fly to. The most pressing thing to mention must be the high cost of living. For touring adult service providers, be aware of the expensive hotels and food. Consequently, on the positive side, higher fees can be earned. If you decide to look for an escort in Oslo, then it's important to find one on a directory such as this. The laws are rather strict, but that of course depends on what you wish to do with a companion.

Bergen Escorts

A mention should be made to the second biggest city, which is situated on the rather exposed West coast. On the bright side, the milder weather is more client friendly, so any visiting courtesans can provide services for more of the year.

For other ideas of places to go for a sensational looking Nordic female, you might want to consider any of these other three main cities. Tromso, Trondheim and Kristiansand,


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