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The first post of our newly added escorts blog. Look out for future posts about the escort world, and any other random thoughts about a whole plethora of things. The intention is to also allow those who advertise with us, to add some of their own personal posts and comments. One thing that you can be sure of, is that all content added by us, or the independents listed here, will be unique and not seen on any other sites or blogs.

Not all features will just be strictly along these line. We’ve always had a section dedicated to webcams, so will be posting links to those who provide this service. Other general adult related industries may be referred to, such as news on porn stars, especially those who escort as well.

The decision to add a blog was down to feedback received from those who regularly share their own opinions about life in this line of work. The increasing popularity of this feature on personal escort sites, means that it’s important to offer an outlet for those who wish to share their experiences. The increase in use of social media is another area in which allows providers to communicate with those who are seeking services.

For those who wish to contribute to this area of the site, please get in touch by selecting the Contact Us link above.

Bookmark this page and return in the future for some interesting thoughts and opinions.

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