New Escort Galleries

For some time, there has been an issues around the correct structure of the site to feature relevant and useful gallery pages. The London page for example, reflects those listed in the city, but it could also be described as one of the UK’s regions. That was always the vision, to have sections related to regions, rather than cities. This goes back to a time when the site was new, most directories had only a handful of pages and didn’t cover small towns or cities. The popularity of escorting means there are more service providers in every corner of the country, and from abroad, who now wish to advertise online. New escort galleries will soon be added to better reflect this business in modern times.

There is no intention to change the current format of having regional galleries, but there will now be more city pages under sub menus. This gives those seeking escorts the chance to search more accurately, rather than just view one main page, which covers many other cities, that may not be relevant.

A good example of a much required and needed change is to add a page for the companions of Bristol. Currently, those who wish to advertise in this city, must opt for the South West England Escorts page. This has been fine, provided clients view this page without searching for a more obvious city page. Simply adding another page will eliminate this problem, and hopefully lead to more listings.

On the subject of more listings, there has been a major problem getting the message out that some galleries, such as in the South West, are free to advertise on. With such an offer available, it has been a surprise not to receive more submissions for these pages. There must be an issue with escorts not realising that this option exists, on a site which has some paid galleries. Contacting ladies directly would certainly be an option, but it’s unclear how many will accept the offer, especially when being approached by email.

Due to the amount of content that needs to be added these days, adding new escort galleries will be a slow process. There will be a whole host of city pages added in due course, but will be some time before the process is complete. Finding decent high class independent escorts to advertise, even though no fee is required, is another part of the equation. The final issue is down to traffic and whether there is enough coming to support such pages, and those who wish to be on them.

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