Escort Tour Locations Europe

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year since the last post, especially after it was said that posts would be added more frequently. Anyway, that aside, one interesting topic worth discussing is escort tours. In this post, some cities and countries in Europe will be mentioned, and then in the follow up some locations closer to home will get a mention. Lets take a look at the best escort tour locations Europe has to offer.

Over the years it has been possible to observe the most common destinations for escort tours, either based on profile listings or from general chatter. However, with depressed economies and changes in behaviour, saturation has occurred in some areas along with diminishing returns for escorts. This has made some locations, especially in Europe, less attractive.

Ireland Tours

One of the most popular escort tour destinations over the past decade has been the Republic of Ireland. It’s close proximity to the UK, including Northern Ireland has made it a magnet for escorts who want to keep it simple and keep their costs down. There’s no language barrier to consider and travel costs are relatively low. However, the freedom of movement enjoyed by those from the EU, has enabled many East European escorts to work there. The large number of girls now working there, along with belt tightening of a previously free spending client base, has driven prices down. Dublin still remains the obvious choice for a tour to Ireland, but Cork and Limerick are a couple of other choices.

Norway – Oslo Tour Location

In more recent years, Norway has become a favoured destination for escorts who are willing to try somewhere new. The wealth of the Norwegian client base has tempted those who wish to tap into a country which has a rather restrictive approach to escorting. The illegal nature of this business for men, adds risk, but for women it is safe. This can make it a highly speculative country for an escort tour. But, rewards can be high if things go well and the provider offers something unique. However, escorts should be aware of just how expensive this country is. Oslo would obviously be a prime example of extreme prices, though of course fees charged can be much higher than in the UK.

Belgium Escort Tour

One location which seems to be popping up more recently, is Belgium. Naturally, the favoured city of choice for tours will be Brussels. The limited size of client base may deter some ladies, but the novelty factor of a visiting English escort may tempt some locals. Other cities to tour may include Bruges and Antwerp. However, the risk of a failed tour is higher in these smaller locations.


The final country worth mentioning for escort tours in Europe, is Switzerland. For some time now, it has attracted high class escorts, who view Swiss men as high fliers. The wealth of the country means clients will pay a high price for a touring escort from overseas. But, it’s worth remembering the high cost of hotels and general living. A failed tour can end up being costly. Zurich and Geneva remain the top places for an escort tour.

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