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It’s been a while since a blog post has been added, so this has been a long time coming. Maybe it’s time to add posts on a more regular basis about what is going on with the site, any new pages and listings added, and general ideas about the escort industry. This blog is just to float the idea of escort reviews, and whether the implementation of them as a feature should go ahead.

For many years, there has been an idea to allow those escorts who advertise to receive reviews from clients they have seen through our directory. Some may prefer not to be reviewed, which has to be taken into account, but there also has to be some kind of method for clients to provide feedback, to either praise the advertiser for her companionship skills, or to warn others about an unacceptable experience. Just like in any business or industry, people have the right to know if a service is not provided to a high level, but of course this may be down to individual opinion. Should the review be of a positive nature, then it’s conceivable that an increase in business may occur for the escort.

Consideration of Escort Reviews

There is nothing new about them, but there have been many issues surrounding the effectiveness of escort reviews, especially as manipulation is possible. This can be said for all manner of businesses, but it’s certainly the case here. There are a couple of mayor escort review sites in the UK and one from the USA, which is more international in general. There is no real mechanism for proving just how many of these reviews are genuine and how many are aimed at promotion. The tracking of IP addresses and cookies is an option or tool for detection, to see if the review has been done from the same computer and connection as the escort. But, there is always the chance that favours may be asked of someone else, who will likely be accessing from somewhere else on their own device.

One option is just to build trust by having members, or should it be said those seeking services, have a score or rating, maybe even a trust rank. This differs slightly from just giving members a basic rating for every review they do, but also a score for participation in the site. So, even if someone hasn’t added a review before, they still might be a loyal user of the site and therefore have some kind of rating.

One of the other big considerations for the site over the years has been whether escort reviews should be from external sites or whether they should be from within on possibly a custom built system. In other words, if an escort has a review from one of the major sites that special in this, should she be able to link to it. Or, should there be a system on this site to allow people to add reviews directly. The latter option seems to be the one which has been incorporated on many new sites, so may seem to be the way to go. The only issue so far as been the lack of reviews on these less well established sites.

Something is in the works, so tests will be done to see if it’s worth adding escort reviews to the site in the coming months.

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