7 Sex Myths You Should Stop Believing In

Sex is one of those areas in our lives that is most often shrouded in myths. Do you believe that during menstruation it is impossible to get pregnant or the refusal of sex should be taken as a personal offense?
These myths about sex can be safely thrown out of their halls of memory: they have nothing to do with reality.

Myth: Couples Who Are Happy In Relationships Have Sex Every Day
In fact, most “experienced” couples simply do not have the strength and time for this. Therefore, they have sex only a few times a week (at best). Yes, when you’re just starting to date (or when you’re both unemployed), it’s a lot easier to indulge more often. But we all understand that with the current rhythm of life, sex everyday is more like a fairytale unless you perform as a model on Cam4.com. Scientists from the University of Toronto say that for most of us to be happy, making love just once a week is enough for family happiness, and it is much more realistic to allocate time for this.

Myth: Impossible To Get Pregnant During Menstruation
Some girls still believe that menstruation will save them from an unplanned pregnancy and therefore you can have sex during this period of the cycle without protection. Alas, this is not always the case. Because spermatozoa can “live” in the female body for up to 7 days. And the cycle for girls is not always ideal – for most, it often undergoes changes from stress or a common cold. Therefore, if, for example, sex occurred on the last day of menstruation, then the sperm can wait for ovulation and fertilize the egg. In addition, if you have an irregular cycle, then it is even more difficult to calculate the time when this very ovulation should come.

Myth: Size Matters
Sorry folks, from the mere fact that your partner has a “big” member, it does not ensure you will get any additional pleasure. The female vagina accommodates a penis up to 18 cm, anything more can already cause discomfort. At the same time, men with an “average” size (and this is about 13-14 cm) can be just as great lovers as those who come swinging at 20 cm. After all, it’s not the size that matters, but how deftly a man manages what nature has awarded him.

Myth: If I Have Many Partners, My Vagina Will Stretch
Another myth that needs to be forgotten. Girls sometimes hear the phrase “stretched vagina” but it’s never related to how many partners you’ve had. In addition, the size of the male organ (or sex toys) will not stretch the vagina either. This is a fairly elastic organ that can return back to its original shape. However, “stretching” can lead to a decrease in the tone of the muscles of the pelvic floor, but Kegel exercises can help solve this problem.

Myth: As Men Age, Everything Can Stop Working “There”
Everything can stop working not just because of age, but because of a plethora of factors such as what kind lifestyle a man leads or what diseases he is managing. Potency can also be affected by the intake of certain medications (for example, those that lower blood pressure).

Myth: During A Male Orgasm, Ejaculation Always Occurs
Actually, not always. There is a so-called “dry orgasm”. This is when a man reaches the peak of pleasure without semen. This can happen because of some health problems, or possibly as a result of having multiple orgasms. Similarly, the last reason could be because the partner had a lot of sex in a short period of time and his sperm just simply did not have the time to “accumulate”.

Myth: If He Refuses Sex, Then He No Longer Loves / Wants Me
This is usually where girls get wound up, begin overthinking things, and begin to doubt their relationship. It is better to forget about this myth. Men shouldn’t always want sex (although this is another common prejudice). They may have problems at work or have health problems, or they may actually simply be tired. Therefore, in such a situation, it is better not to go to extremes, but to ask how you can help your partner. Don’t believe in myths about sex.

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