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7 Sex Myths You Should Stop Believing In

Sex is one of those areas in our lives that is most often shrouded in myths. Do you believe that during menstruation it is impossible to get pregnant or the refusal of sex should be taken as a personal offense?
These myths about sex can be safely thrown out of their halls of memory: they have nothing to do with reality.

Myth: Couples Who Are Happy In Relationships Have Sex Every Day
In fact, most “experienced” couples simply do not have the strength and time for this. Therefore, they have sex only a few times a week (at best). Yes, when you’re just starting to date (or when you’re both unemployed), it’s a lot easier to indulge more often. But we all understand that with the current rhythm of life, sex everyday is more like a fairytale unless you perform as a model on Scientists from the University of Toronto say that for most of us to be happy, making love just once a week is enough for family happiness, and it is much more realistic to allocate time for this.

Myth: Impossible To Get Pregnant During Menstruation
Some girls still believe that menstruation will save them from an unplanned pregnancy and therefore you can have sex during this period of the cycle without protection. Alas, this is not always the case. Because spermatozoa can “live” in the female body for up to 7 days. And the cycle for girls is not always ideal – for most, it often undergoes changes from stress or a common cold. Therefore, if, for example, sex occurred on the last day of menstruation, then the sperm can wait for ovulation and fertilize the egg. In addition, if you have an irregular cycle, then it is even more difficult to calculate the time when this very ovulation should come.

Myth: Size Matters
Sorry folks, from the mere fact that your partner has a “big” member, it does not ensure you will get any additional pleasure. The female vagina accommodates a penis up to 18 cm, anything more can already cause discomfort. At the same time, men with an “average” size (and this is about 13-14 cm) can be just as great lovers as those who come swinging at 20 cm. After all, it’s not the size that matters, but how deftly a man manages what nature has awarded him.

Myth: If I Have Many Partners, My Vagina Will Stretch
Another myth that needs to be forgotten. Girls sometimes hear the phrase “stretched vagina” but it’s never related to how many partners you’ve had. In addition, the size of the male organ (or sex toys) will not stretch the vagina either. This is a fairly elastic organ that can return back to its original shape. However, “stretching” can lead to a decrease in the tone of the muscles of the pelvic floor, but Kegel exercises can help solve this problem.

Myth: As Men Age, Everything Can Stop Working “There”
Everything can stop working not just because of age, but because of a plethora of factors such as what kind lifestyle a man leads or what diseases he is managing. Potency can also be affected by the intake of certain medications (for example, those that lower blood pressure).

Myth: During A Male Orgasm, Ejaculation Always Occurs
Actually, not always. There is a so-called “dry orgasm”. This is when a man reaches the peak of pleasure without semen. This can happen because of some health problems, or possibly as a result of having multiple orgasms. Similarly, the last reason could be because the partner had a lot of sex in a short period of time and his sperm just simply did not have the time to “accumulate”.

Myth: If He Refuses Sex, Then He No Longer Loves / Wants Me
This is usually where girls get wound up, begin overthinking things, and begin to doubt their relationship. It is better to forget about this myth. Men shouldn’t always want sex (although this is another common prejudice). They may have problems at work or have health problems, or they may actually simply be tired. Therefore, in such a situation, it is better not to go to extremes, but to ask how you can help your partner. Don’t believe in myths about sex.

Escort Tour Locations Europe

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year since the last post, especially after it was said that posts would be added more frequently. Anyway, that aside, one interesting topic worth discussing is escort tours. In this post, some cities and countries in Europe will be mentioned, and then in the follow up some locations closer to home will get a mention. Lets take a look at the best escort tour locations Europe has to offer.

Over the years it has been possible to observe the most common destinations for escort tours, either based on profile listings or from general chatter. However, with depressed economies and changes in behaviour, saturation has occurred in some areas along with diminishing returns for escorts. This has made some locations, especially in Europe, less attractive.

Ireland Tours

One of the most popular escort tour destinations over the past decade has been the Republic of Ireland. It’s close proximity to the UK, including Northern Ireland has made it a magnet for escorts who want to keep it simple and keep their costs down. There’s no language barrier to consider and travel costs are relatively low. However, the freedom of movement enjoyed by those from the EU, has enabled many East European escorts to work there. The large number of girls now working there, along with belt tightening of a previously free spending client base, has driven prices down. Dublin still remains the obvious choice for a tour to Ireland, but Cork and Limerick are a couple of other choices.

Norway – Oslo Tour Location

In more recent years, Norway has become a favoured destination for escorts who are willing to try somewhere new. The wealth of the Norwegian client base has tempted those who wish to tap into a country which has a rather restrictive approach to escorting. The illegal nature of this business for men, adds risk, but for women it is safe. This can make it a highly speculative country for an escort tour. But, rewards can be high if things go well and the provider offers something unique. However, escorts should be aware of just how expensive this country is. Oslo would obviously be a prime example of extreme prices, though of course fees charged can be much higher than in the UK.

Belgium Escort Tour

One location which seems to be popping up more recently, is Belgium. Naturally, the favoured city of choice for tours will be Brussels. The limited size of client base may deter some ladies, but the novelty factor of a visiting English escort may tempt some locals. Other cities to tour may include Bruges and Antwerp. However, the risk of a failed tour is higher in these smaller locations.


The final country worth mentioning for escort tours in Europe, is Switzerland. For some time now, it has attracted high class escorts, who view Swiss men as high fliers. The wealth of the country means clients will pay a high price for a touring escort from overseas. But, it’s worth remembering the high cost of hotels and general living. A failed tour can end up being costly. Zurich and Geneva remain the top places for an escort tour.

Escort Reviews

It’s been a while since a blog post has been added, so this has been a long time coming. Maybe it’s time to add posts on a more regular basis about what is going on with the site, any new pages and listings added, and general ideas about the escort industry. This blog is just to float the idea of escort reviews, and whether the implementation of them as a feature should go ahead.

For many years, there has been an idea to allow those escorts who advertise to receive reviews from clients they have seen through our directory. Some may prefer not to be reviewed, which has to be taken into account, but there also has to be some kind of method for clients to provide feedback, to either praise the advertiser for her companionship skills, or to warn others about an unacceptable experience. Just like in any business or industry, people have the right to know if a service is not provided to a high level, but of course this may be down to individual opinion. Should the review be of a positive nature, then it’s conceivable that an increase in business may occur for the escort.

Consideration of Escort Reviews

There is nothing new about them, but there have been many issues surrounding the effectiveness of escort reviews, especially as manipulation is possible. This can be said for all manner of businesses, but it’s certainly the case here. There are a couple of mayor escort review sites in the UK and one from the USA, which is more international in general. There is no real mechanism for proving just how many of these reviews are genuine and how many are aimed at promotion. The tracking of IP addresses and cookies is an option or tool for detection, to see if the review has been done from the same computer and connection as the escort. But, there is always the chance that favours may be asked of someone else, who will likely be accessing from somewhere else on their own device.

One option is just to build trust by having members, or should it be said those seeking services, have a score or rating, maybe even a trust rank. This differs slightly from just giving members a basic rating for every review they do, but also a score for participation in the site. So, even if someone hasn’t added a review before, they still might be a loyal user of the site and therefore have some kind of rating.

One of the other big considerations for the site over the years has been whether escort reviews should be from external sites or whether they should be from within on possibly a custom built system. In other words, if an escort has a review from one of the major sites that special in this, should she be able to link to it. Or, should there be a system on this site to allow people to add reviews directly. The latter option seems to be the one which has been incorporated on many new sites, so may seem to be the way to go. The only issue so far as been the lack of reviews on these less well established sites.

Something is in the works, so tests will be done to see if it’s worth adding escort reviews to the site in the coming months.

New Escort Galleries

For some time, there has been an issues around the correct structure of the site to feature relevant and useful gallery pages. The London page for example, reflects those listed in the city, but it could also be described as one of the UK’s regions. That was always the vision, to have sections related to regions, rather than cities. This goes back to a time when the site was new, most directories had only a handful of pages and didn’t cover small towns or cities. The popularity of escorting means there are more service providers in every corner of the country, and from abroad, who now wish to advertise online. New escort galleries will soon be added to better reflect this business in modern times.

There is no intention to change the current format of having regional galleries, but there will now be more city pages under sub menus. This gives those seeking escorts the chance to search more accurately, rather than just view one main page, which covers many other cities, that may not be relevant.

A good example of a much required and needed change is to add a page for the companions of Bristol. Currently, those who wish to advertise in this city, must opt for the South West England Escorts page. This has been fine, provided clients view this page without searching for a more obvious city page. Simply adding another page will eliminate this problem, and hopefully lead to more listings.

On the subject of more listings, there has been a major problem getting the message out that some galleries, such as in the South West, are free to advertise on. With such an offer available, it has been a surprise not to receive more submissions for these pages. There must be an issue with escorts not realising that this option exists, on a site which has some paid galleries. Contacting ladies directly would certainly be an option, but it’s unclear how many will accept the offer, especially when being approached by email.

Due to the amount of content that needs to be added these days, adding new escort galleries will be a slow process. There will be a whole host of city pages added in due course, but will be some time before the process is complete. Finding decent high class independent escorts to advertise, even though no fee is required, is another part of the equation. The final issue is down to traffic and whether there is enough coming to support such pages, and those who wish to be on them.

Newly Added Blog

The first post of our newly added escorts blog. Look out for future posts about the escort world, and any other random thoughts about a whole plethora of things. The intention is to also allow those who advertise with us, to add some of their own personal posts and comments. One thing that you can be sure of, is that all content added by us, or the independents listed here, will be unique and not seen on any other sites or blogs.

Not all features will just be strictly along these line. We’ve always had a section dedicated to webcams, so will be posting links to those who provide this service. Other general adult related industries may be referred to, such as news on porn stars, especially those who escort as well.

The decision to add a blog was down to feedback received from those who regularly share their own opinions about life in this line of work. The increasing popularity of this feature on personal escort sites, means that it’s important to offer an outlet for those who wish to share their experiences. The increase in use of social media is another area in which allows providers to communicate with those who are seeking services.

For those who wish to contribute to this area of the site, please get in touch by selecting the Contact Us link above.

Bookmark this page and return in the future for some interesting thoughts and opinions.

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